A Summer Fling, Part


It has been said that some of the best memories are made in the summer. Everything looks better in the summer sun, especially the sparkle of a Vanna K for Bella Luce piece of fine jewelry!  Part II of Vanna’s Summer Fling series will kick off on Monday, July 3rd and continue through July 6th, just in time for all the red, white and blue celebrations.  Below are a few of Vanna’s top pics for the sizzling hot rotations.
The sight of these charming Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace reminds us of the golden hour of epic summer days! The 5 flower “petals” are comprised of pear and marquise shaped white-glove selected Bella Luce stones which are exclusively available by Vanna K.  The soft yellow center of the design is a round canary Bella stone that completes the effortless look of this creation.  Your go to accessory for the summer season no matter where you’ll be vacationing.
Vanna’s love for vintage design is evident in this antique inspired reminiscent of old world glamour.  A set of twin marquis shaped leaves are milgrain etched at the edges and combined with high polished bezel set round Bella stones all the way around the entire band.  Tell her you love her completely with this ever so unique band that signifies forever.
 I Pink I Love You! Sweet and sexy all in one, this enchanting ensemble is the follow-up and match to Vanna’s very first morganite piece which was a best-selling cushion cut ring.   Set in blushing rose gold and lined with meticulously set white Bella Luce stones around the halo, this is one set Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace you’re not going to want to miss out on.
Crown Yourself the Queen with this design that celebrates the royal in you! The center solitaire that features Vanna’s signature blooming white glove Bella stone can be worn alone for a more traditional look, or combined with either one or two of the tiara inspired shield rings on the sides.  The perfect accessory to mix and match with your jewelry and make it uniquely yours.
A lover of the timeless classics, here is Vanna’s updated with each stone signifying your today, tomorrow, and forever. Offering versatility in both stone shapes and color, the center stone is a rectangular tanzanite simulant that resembles the saturation and flashes of rainbow colors found in a natural tanzanite.  Nestled between two perfectly cut oval Bella Luce stones, this design presents a striking look for the woman who is not afraid to sparkle bright!
Organic Gemstones
Earlier this month we published an article about pearls. They may be the most popular organic material in the gem industry but they are certainly not the only one. An organic material in the gem world is anything that was previously living. There are numerous examples of organic gemstones worn in jewelry each just a beautiful as the next. In the interest of time and space on this blog I will only focus on two of my favorite organic gemstones, coral and amber.
Many people may not know that coral is living. It is actually the Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace skeleton of tiny marine animals called coral polyps. There are two types of coral, calcareous and proteinaceous. Calcareous coral has the most common colors of coral used in jewelry with various shades of red, pink, blue and sometimes white. Proteinaceous coral’s main differences from calcareous coral are its chemical make-up and coloring, the color is often black, browns and shades of gold and blue. Like pearls, calcareous coral is mostly made of calcium carbonate. Proteinaceous is made of conchiolin. Both of these substances are building blocks found in nature.
Another example of a gem that is not often to be thought as organic is amber. The stone gained its fame in Jurassic Park when scientists in the hit film believed that DNA of insects in the amber would be preserved.
Amber is actually fossilized Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace tree resin and unfortunately not a haven for extinct dinosaur DNA. The oldest amber found dates roughly 320 million years old. Amber can be found in yellow, brown, brownish red, orange, white, green and blue hues. Often times it has a hue similar to honey. Although it is only about a two on the Mohs hardness scale, amber is used in jewelry like pendants and necklaces. You may also be familiar with copal, a form of amber that is younger. It is often found in color similar to amber but the difference is thought to be in its chemical composition and age. Copal hasn’t hardened as much as amber and may range from a few hundred to 100,000 years old.
What is interesting about amber isn’t the age or where it is found or how it is made but rather what is often found in the stone. Some specimens show completely intact bugs while others show ancient flora. Amber isn’t just a beautiful stone to own but also a window into a past we know little about. In the gem world we know that not all flaws are fatal with amber being the perfect example.

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